Warkop DKI Reborn

Warkop DKI Reborn

Directed by Rako Prijanto

Warkop DKI tells the story of Dono (Aliando Syarief), Indro (Randy Nidji), and Casino (Duke of Dolken) this time finding their duties as secret police agents, where the three of them under the command of a commander named Cok (Indro Warkop) who lost his right hand man, Karman (Mandra), when it was alleged that there was money laundering in the Indonesian film industry.

Precisely in the production house owned by a man named Amir Muka (Ganindra Bimo). The three of them were able to enter the world of film and got involved in making a comedy film that starred a soap opera actress named Inka (Salshabilla Adriani) who had moved into the world of cinema.

When the three of them were investigating the case, they got trapped with Inka in a room. Dono, Casino, Indro and also Inka passed out. When they woke up, Casino, Indro, and Dono were surprised because they were in the desert. Their search for traces of Inka drag them into an adventure in the desert.

Graded with Resolve

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